The Uprising

Uprise was founded to rethink the way consultants, agencies, and freelancers approach digital business. Our strategy is an evolution of the uprising of the 1960's design and architectural studio apprenticeship model. We believe that the strategists, engineers, and designers of the future need to be nimble, adaptable, and intelligent. Uprise leverages these principles to help businesses reimagine how technology can positively impact their business and their customers. 




We believe that good strategy addresses the big, nasty challenges that face your business. Far too often strategies are confused with goals. At Uprise, we help you understand the difference and address these big challenges in the most efficient, cost-effective manner. 



People-first technology.


In our experience, the biggest ideas usually come from hard work during iterative design and development. We know how to take your digital business from zero to one, fast.




Nimble. Efficient. experts.

Each client engagement is led by one of our partners. We’ve assembled an unprecedented level of hands-on talent under one roof to make this possible across multiple projects. We’re top-heavy, by design.



Create with us.

If you have an idea for a product or a business and would like to work with us to build it, get in touch with us.

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